dinsdag 28 maart 2017

Stola....alla Adinda Zoutman


Stola gehaakt naar voorbeeld van Adinda Zoutman.
Is vrij haken zonder patroon.
Zie verder mijn blog.

Groetjes Hanneke

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I love her shawls but don't like the fact that she charges $40 for the pattern. I asked her why she charged so much and she said because it was very detailed. From her pictures, it looks very simple.

    1. That can't have been Adinda Zoutman, her patterns/descriptions haven't been for sale till now. She only offers workshops. In October she will publish her book with sort of pattern. However... there is an imposter named Pollevie who sells Adinda's pattern with some minor changes (after she had attended one of Adindas workshops)

  2. Hi Charlotte..
    there isn't a pattern from her

  3. Mooooi gemaakt.... en superrrr dat je meldt dat het een.'alla Adinda' stola is. Respect!